The growth of a business in the digital world is not limited to the development of a website. In order for it to grow and be profitable for you, it is necessary to perform additional processes, thanks to which you will be visible to your potential customers. The goal of any company that has decided to “conquer” the Internet space is its gradual ascent to the pages of search engines. This, of course, requires a certain amount of time, for which you must be prepared in advance. If you trust our team of professionals, one thing is for sure you can count on long-lasting and guaranteed results!

Is SEO optimization worth it?

However, let’s explain what we mean when we talk about bringing a website to the top positions in Google.

You are looking to buy shoes online. Type in the search engine “women’s shoes”, and you immediately get websites with countless suggestions. Don’t you think that everything from shopping comes down to what comes to the forefront? Of course not! These are businesses where SEO optimization has been done. Thanks to the set of processes that takes place over time, your website is gradually climbing to the top of the search engine. That is important for you, to be able to become visible to your potential customers, and they, in return, will generate targeted traffic to your page! That is why SEO optimization, in our opinion, is one of the mandatory components if you want your company to grow in the digital environment and not have equals among your competitors! Improve the credibility of your website, be the first! Подобрете авторитета на сайта си, бъдете първи!

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What can you expect from the optimization of your website?

How much does SEO optimization cost?

We at GetSEO continue to follow the rule that the customer comes first for us. That is why it is important to focus on every detail when working on a specific project. We pay full attention to the clear goal of completing what we have started as well as possible. For each new business, we prepare an individual offer, depending on the needs of the applicant. Before we start working on the optimization of the respective website, we make a free audit, based on which we prepare a detailed list of suggestions to apply in the process of work. Many of our competitors set high one-time prices for short periods without explaining to their customers that the optimization process is long. In the end, results are expected that are, practically impossible to achieve and the client is literally left empty-handed. We at GetSEO hold on to the right relationships. Once all the requirements of the offer are specified, as well as, the fact that the development will take place over time; we send a contract to ensure the peace of mind of both us, and the people we work with!

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How long does it take after doing SEO optimization on your website?

The largest search engine – Google is constantly updated, which requires constant monitoring of trends in website optimization. If we have to give approximate terms, we can say that the results begin noticed around the first month. The development process is two-way – search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, and during this time, the website accumulates errors. From this point of view, it is good to improve visibility without interruption. Of course, this is our recommendation if you aim for long-term and visible results. Therefore, be patient and leave yourself in the hands of professionals! The results are guaranteed!

Why choose GetSEO for SEO optimization of your site?

GetSEO has many years of experience in the development and optimization of websites, which eliminates the need for a programmer. Our team of developers formed to perform the entire technical part. We work with all CMS systems, including WordPress, OpenCart, Magento. The agency will be your first assistant in:

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What to look for when choosing an SEO agency?

What we would advise you when making your choice for an agency is, it is good to study what the market offers in this regard. The most important point is to clarify what exactly is meant by “SEO optimization”. That is done to understand that the process is long and takes time to implement. Don’t be fooled by offers that tell you that they will be able to bring your site to the forefront within a month, for example – unnecessary spending. Many of our customers come to us after being disappointed and deceived for the same reason. Understand that the price formed for the service is a combination of time, processes and professionalism! A good agency is one that combines all these requirements and gives you the most optimal solutions to your problems!

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Our work process

Checking and analyzing a website.
The work is done "inside" and "outside" the site.
Promoting and improving the website, providing visitors with a marketing strategy for advertising and SEO optimization.
Investment in processes, thanks to which your site ranks at the top positions in search engines.
Starter pack
Starter pack
  • Analysis of the main competitors;
  • Improving mobile design;
  • UX improvement;
  • Building a set of keywords and semantics;
  • Analysis of the links of the site;
  • Indexing and crawling errors;
  • Optimization of titles and descriptions;
  • Charging speed;
  • Link Building;
  • Infographics;
  • A full report of the performed activity;
  • Monitoring of the site for new problems and actions;
  • 5 articles per month;
  • Registration in business directories and search engines;
  • (Contract duration: 6 months minimum)

$250 / mo.



SEO optimization includes a set of processes that help your website ranks at the top of Google.

Both! There is no way to answer this question unequivocally without taking into account the uniqueness of the situation. If you want to rely on aggressive high-growth marketing, you will need to develop the right combined search strategy instead of looking at them individually.

If you are looking for long-term results, a monthly subscription is a must! The process is long and requires constant action to stay up to date with the latest trends in Google.

The price is determined based on individual requirements for the specific business. After a preliminary conversation with the client, the price is determined, and a contract is signed, for greater security of the parties.

Unlike most companies for which SEO audit is a paid service, we at GetSEO allow our clients to decide for themselves whether they would like to continue working on their website, after presenting them in advance what they need to pay attention to!

After conducting a free audit of your site, we prepare an action plan to guide you and comment on what we are going to do, such as actions in the coming months.

By bank transfer to the account of GetSEO or PayPal. Once or monthly, if the service is in the form of a subscription.