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GetSEO digital agency is a leader in website development. Thanks to its well-selected team of specialists, the company has the capacity to develop projects – from planning, through development, to optimization and maintenance of your business site!

If you want your site to be built according to the latest trends in web design, to be convenient and simple for your customers, we will take care to meet all your requirements!

Is it wise to invest in a website?

The era of business cards is long over! It’s time to be innovative and focus on growing your business in the digital world. Your website is the best advertisement for the products or services you offer! The question of whether such an investment is needed is no longer on the agenda. Rather, you need to think about how big the investment should be.

The truth is that the Winnie the Pooh rule applies here too: “The more, the better”! Well, we totally agree with him!

If you want to know a little more about someone’s business, the first thing you do is to ask about their website, right? Most likely, you want to get acquainted in advance with all the things that are offered such as services, prices, and then, already informed, to take appropriate action. Don’t you think it would be weirder if you didn’t find anything about the business you were looking for on the internet?! ?! In these cases, usually, the consumer refuses due to the mistrust that has formed in him! From everything said so far, we conclude that a website brings a dose of trust to the client.

The same goes for online stores. Did you know that many new and current brands have chosen to invest in an online store rather than a physical one?! Absolutely logical solution! In today’s fast-paced world, when time is more precious than gold, everyone is looking for the best and fastest way to get what they are looking for! Sometimes people find themselves in unforeseen situations, of which internet consumption is the only possible way out. No matter what the reason, the fact is that your presence in the digital world is not recommended, but mandatory! Do you need more arguments in support of investing in a website?

What should your website look like?

The website is a reflection of the vision for your business! As we mentioned, it is your “business card”! As we mentioned, it is your “business card”! According to a study by psychologists, the way it is structured and constructed can represent qualities of the character of its owner. Good design, tidiness, high-quality photos and content, for example, present you as a perfectionist. A person who is strict about his work! In most cases, such people keep things going in the best way. A person who is strict about his work! In most cases, such people keep things going in the best way.

The other type is the complete opposite of the above. These people are said to be like “whirlwinds”. There is a creative house around them, which also affects every single thing they do. Their websites are usually colourful, with lots of photos and creativity that can be found in almost every detail. Very often, there is no strict structure in their vision, but on the other hand, a sense of lightness and comfort. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other hand, it could give superficiality to its owner.

The balance is to combine the two visions so that the user, on the one hand, trusts you, making sure that what you offer is the best, on the other hand, to feel this lightness and comfort that we mentioned to you.

From a practical point of view, our designers advise you to focus on the adaptability and mobile version of your website. The client needs to have quick and direct access to the information he is looking for. We all know how annoying it is when the site you are logging in loads slowly. After about 2-3 seconds, you just, leave it. Your competitors, of course, are grateful for that!

In conclusion, balance is key in everything, as well as in terms of the vision of your website, and if you take care to be responsive to mobile devices, you will be without competition!

How to make money from your site?

Perhaps one of the best advantages of online stores is that they are “open” at any time of the day! You must be wondering what we mean?

Saturday night, lie on the couch and browse online clothing stores. You need jeans, but you don’t have time to go around to measure and possibly find the perfect pair for you. It’s 10:00 PM, you find exactly what you need. Hurry up to order! Consider where to deliver it to you, pay and voila! You already have new jeans, unique, that you have not seen other ones! And you will be top!

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A survey shows that 80% of consumers shop online, and the other 20 enter age groups who do not have the opportunity or do not know how to do it!

In order to receive revenue from your site, you first need to meet the requirements we have listed above, namely – to have a unique design site, to invest in its content and advertising, to maintain and optimize it constantly. No need to waste time, trust us, and we will take care of each of these steps!

It is important to be aware that this whole process requires your time and resources. Here, applies the rule that price determines quality. Therefore, the more you wait and consider whether it is worth it, the more your competitors develop and accumulate customers at your expense!

Why choose GetSEO for the development of your site?

A basic rule in our work is that everyone does the work in which they are competent, without taking away the functions of their colleagues. We believe that when you are good at what you do, you have to put all your energy into finishing it in the best way. That is what guides us when we work on different projects. Each of our specialists focuses on where his strength lies. The results are there – satisfied and loyal customers.

Another important point is good communication.

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It is extremely important for us to discuss our ideas, to have an action plan to be guided by, and to comment on the problems that arise in the process of work. Of course, this is not always easy, because each of us is unique in itself, the ideas we have are colourful, which affects the vision. In these moments, we look for balance and return to good communication between us.

Fortunately, we were able to form a team of experienced professionals who fit perfectly into each of these requirements. When we have difficulty, we help each other so that at the end of the day, the client remains satisfied. As mentioned above – the individual attitude towards each of our users is crucial. We believe that the more we give, the more we will receive.

When we meet our clients, we try to understand and get to know them. That helps us to build a complete profile, based on which we adhere when we start our work. The modern and unique vision of our sites is due to – 60% professionalism, 10% psychology and 30% passion!

What to look for when choosing a digital website development agency?

Choosing the right digital agency, of course, is a key point when looking for a reliable partner in the development of your business. It will depend on your selection whether the website will develop to a level that will bring you revenue, or will simply exist on the Internet without being noticed.

When we were looking for an answer to the current question, we decided to do an internal study in which each of our specialists had to answer based on his views.

Those of them who were in a completely different field and their experience in creating a website was zero, told us; that they will look at our website – vision, order and most importantly, prices, and based on all this, will make their judgment. Given that the majority of those seeking such information have minimal, and often no experience, we have foreseen that it is imperative that our “business card” be maximally designed. “To catch the eye immediately,” as one of our colleagues put it. Having this type of site, you can fight for higher prices. We will immediately explain why. Yes, each of us is indeed looking for what is both good and well made, and at low prices. If you want loyal customers to bring you income, you will have to bet on quality, respectively the higher price. Moreover, the psychology of the consumer is that if it is cheap, it means “something is lame to him”. In conclusion, a good vision and prices in line with it!


Our second group of participants felt that the information and content filled in the Blog were crucial to making sure they would choose GetSEO as a reliable partner for their future projects. According to them, quality performance and well-selected and presented information can make even the most distrustful customer give a chance to our agency. What follows from all this? We need to take on the role of amateur lawyers. Let’s create our written defence to convince you to choose us!

Our third representative group, which consists of people with basic or general ideas about how to create a website, told us that they would bet on a slightly more detailed review of things. For example, our copywriter immediately focuses on competently written texts. We very much agree with him! No one likes to read articles they can’t focus on because of any spelling or punctuation errors, no matter how fascinating and intriguing they may be. The wider range of services offered is also key in choosing a digital agency.

According to our experts, the combination of all these requirements is the key to the right selection, combined with a good attitude, you will hit the top ten!

Our Work Process

Increasing the value of the brand, through the most effective methods, to achieve long-term results.
Defining the goals of your website, identifying keywords.
Choice of design, colours, programming of functionalities.
Promote and improve the website, providing visitors with a marketing strategy for advertising and SEO optimization.
Introduction of new content and updating of the old, technical support.


All prices does not include VAT
  • Responsive version. Mobile version for phones and tablets.
  • Hosting is provided by Belani Host 5.60 BGN/month
  • Basic SEO optimization for search engines. (Google, Bing, etc.) SEO titles, keywords and descriptions.
  • Build up to 5 main pages. (for example: About Us, Services, Contacts, Blog, Privacy Policy)
  • Gallery with up to 10 photos.
  • Creating a Business Email (for example@yoursite.com), with integration to a contact form. (When your customers fill out the contact form, they will send their inquiries to your Business Email)
  • Live chat integration. (instant answer to your question)
  • Social sharing buttons or links to your business accounts.
  • Embedding a logo.
  • Connect to Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Create a pop-up box at the bottom of the site with information about the use of cookies.
  • Up to 3 revisions.

420 BGN
*No VAT Included

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  • The offer includes all things from the construction of the website.
  • Hosting is provided by Belani Host 5.60 BGN/month
  • Build the structure of the online store.
  • Upload up to 5 categories.
  • Module "Discounts, coupons, vouchers".
  • Shopping cart.
  • Create a slide on the home page of the online store.
  • Creating a filter for products.
  • Similar products.
  • Favorite products.
  • Create a direct call button.
  • Creating the necessary pages for the online store.
  • Betting on one main currency in the online store.
  • Product promotions in the online store.
  • Up to 5 revisions.

850 BGN
*No VAT Included

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  • The offer includes all things from building a website or online store.
  • Free hosting for 3 monhs provided by Belani Host
  • Purchase the theme of the site.
  • Monthly maintenance.
  • Up to 5 revisions.
  • The production takes 20 to 30 working days.
  • Embedding a logo.
  • Creating a Business Email.
  • Gallery with up to 10 photos.
  • Build up to 5 main pages.
  • Up to 5 categories for online store.
  • Basic SEO Optimization.
  • Responsive, mobile version.
  • Live chat integration.
  • Embedding a logo.
  • Create a direct call button.
  • The purchase of the domain is NOT included!

First month 45 BGN
*every next 60 BGN / mo.

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** Free domain with .com is valid only for the creation of an online store!

*** The hosting is paid extra to the company – BGN 5.60 / month. Online Store’s offer, the condition for free hosting for 3 months remains! 3 moths free hosting
**** International plans are made personaly


It depends on what you want to get as a final result. The basic prices are listed in the Prices category.

GetSEO signs a contract with each of its clients. In this way, we guarantee security and fairness both for our customers and for ourselves.

Yes, it depends on the goals you want to achieve. You can read more on the topic in our article “How to make a website?” In our Blog.

If you bet on a modern and creative design, adapted for mobile devices, good SEO optimization and ads on Facebook and Google, your potential customers will not be delayed!

Most often, there is an initial instalment; at the time of concluding the contract, and an additional payment of the amount before the end of the project.