What is an ad network and how does it work?

The words “advertising network” in themselves mean neutral media. The meaning of “online advertising network” is increasingly used because of the effect of the collected advertising space of publishers and its sale to advertisers, which is most common in the online space. Its key function is to collect the advertising space provided by the publishers and compare it with its requirements.

There are two types of ad networks – first-connected networks and second-connected networks. The former, such as ADS-BG, have a large number of in-house advertisers and publishers, have high-quality traffic, and present ads and traffic of the latter type. The latter, in turn, may have their own advertisers and publishers, but their main source of income comes from ads from their ad networks.

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Who are ADS-BG?

ADS-BG is a newly created platform through which advertisers can sell their ads to publishers, and they, in turn, return traffic to advertisers. How does this happen?

Advertisers present their ads and configure a target audience and budget; using an advertiser’s ADS-BG account. On the other side are publishers who need to generate codes with desired values using an ADS-BG publisher account. The sale of advertising and the exchange of traffic is processed automatically by ADS-BG.

The platform is the best connection between the two sides! Present your business and generate traffic with the help of ADS-BG!

What do we offer as an ad network?

Can I be an advertiser?

Anyone can be an advertiser! The only condition is to create your ads, thanks to which you will generate the highest quality customers to your websites! Your ads will appear in the huge network of ADS-BG publishers, thus ensuring the visibility of your online business! All needed is:

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Pay-per-click (PPC) is the online advertising model used to drive traffic to websites where the advertiser pays the publisher (usually the owner of a website or network of websites) when they click on advertising;

Cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM, technically, “cost per mille”), also called cost per thousand, is a commonly used measure in advertising. Refers to the cost the advertiser pays per thousand views or impressions of an ad;

Cost-per-action is an online advertising pricing model in which the advertiser pays for a specific gain – such as a sale, lead, click, or any other action specified by the advertiser;

Sponsored ads, also known as cost-per-day (CPD) ads. Advertisers will have to pay a fixed price per day for the desired ad positions on publishers’ websites.

If you register as an advertiser now, you will receive a $ 50 bonus to your account!

Can I be a publisher?

Publishers generate revenue from their website traffic by placing codes from their ADS-BG accounts. The platform gives money for every valid click on your pages. Our system ensures that the ads of the bidders with the highest bid values are displayed on your websites, which guarantees the maximum possible income at all times. All needed is:

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Why choose ADS-BG ad network?

ADS-BG consists of a team of professionals who are leaders in the advertising industry. Each of our partner advertisers or publishers receives email support when needed. The platform insists on the correctness of the relationship, so it monitors the payment of the amounts to take place within the set deadlines. ADS-BG is extremely accessible and simplified in terms of uploading banners, code integration, and all other services it offers.

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Opportunity for greater visibility of the business to potential customers.

Opportunity to provide revenue from traffic to the website.

1-2 minutes! The process is extremely quickly and easy!

The advertiser determines his own cost per click, with a minimum of 10 cents! Based on cost-per-click, cost-per-thousand-impressions, cost-per-action, cost-per-day.

A PayPal or bank transfer.

A PayPal or bank transfer.