Digital agency GetSEO is a leader in the development, optimization and advertising of websites. Thanks to its team of specialists, the company has the capacity to develop different types of projects – from planning to production and development. Satisfied customers are our main indicator of a job well done!
Good content – sells! Unique texts are the ones that attract user’s attention. That is why we rely on our copywriters, whose professionalism is reflected in the evaluations of our clients. Each of the SEO texts in the pages, as well as blog articles, are carefully prepared and refined to capture the attention of the searcher. On the other hand, well-written content is especially important to give weight to what is written. GetSEO digital agency pays attention to quality and attention to detail in every single thing it deals with!

Why do we need a professional copywriter?

Being a copywriter is not just a profession! Anyone can just write a text if it is well structured, great! But not everyone can make it fascinating, unique and captivating. If you can get a customer to buy a product or service just by using the words you used, then you can call yourself a real copywriter!

There is no special education that needs to be completed to work in this type of profession. However, many years of reading books are required, as well as good training in spelling and grammar! As the saying goes – either you can or you can’t! And because the world is already digital, certain conditions need to be met when creating content for a website.

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If you want your business to be indexed by search engine algorithms, you need, as already mentioned, competently written content. It is good, above all, to choose the right keywords and phrases that the reader will focus on when looking for what he needs. They are usually closely related to the specific niche, and their purpose is to help the website to rank in the first places of search engines. Also, some rules require them to be present in at least a few places in the titles and text.

You must be wondering how it is possible for a person to be competent in various topics and to be able to write about everything you are told?! It is difficult, but not impossible! Here we return to the rule of reading a lot and choosing the right information. The biggest bonus of everything written so far is the opportunity to learn new and interesting things, from areas that you have to write about, but are too far from the copywriter! Knowledge in different fields is another wealth, and the variety of topics is so great that you never have to be bored!

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What is copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of building optimized texts by using a set of techniques that help rank a website in the top positions in search engines. Usually, when we offer our clients copywriting services after we have already built their site, they refuse. We understand their logic – on the one hand, they believe that no one but them could be so well acquainted with the niche in which they develop their business. On the other hand, the money they have to invest in this type of service is somehow considered less important. All this, in fact, is the wrong strategy, we will immediately explain why.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the copywriter is not competent in all matters, but this is not necessary! To the delight of all of us, the Internet has a huge amount of information on all sorts of topics, such as a virtual library. Thanks to it, everyone can find what they are interested in, and if that is not possible, you can always give us guidance on the things you would like to be present in your content.

From a financial point of view, believe us, this is not lost money! By hiring a professional, you guarantee optimized texts that search engines index automatically. As mentioned above, copywriters use a variety of techniques to make the content they present unique and written so that you can be noticed, and your customers want to return to your website to keep track of the news around you.

Good content sells!

When we talk about content, there is one word that comes from the beginning, namely “uniqueness”. Did you know that Google has the ability to report identical texts? You must have noticed how many identical descriptions and blog articles are present on the Internet when you are looking for specific information. That’s why you need a copywriter! It is a matter of honour for him to copy something written by someone else! When your content is unique, the user who reads it will not get bored of viewing the same things, but on the contrary, his attention will be riveted by something new and different! We immediately give you a simple example. Which pizza would you buy from?

  1. “Delicious pizza Uncle Charly” – sandwiches, doughnuts and pizzas!
  2. ” Delicious pizza – Mamma mia!” – the real Italian taste!

Do you notice how powerful the words can be when they are chosen in the right way?

A professional copywriter will develop the marketing strategy you need for your business, such as writing advertising articles for your products and services, interesting and compelling content that includes links, and email campaigns with well-written ad text. GetSEO has some of the best copywriters! We guarantee you quality and individuality!

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Why choose a professional copywriter from GetSEO?

GetSEO digital agency has professional copywriters for whom working on texts is a pleasure – an extremely important requirement for our clients to be satisfied in the end! Our team offers:

  • Fast and quality writing of articles and content for websites – meeting the deadlines.
  • Creative texts – unique, search engine optimized.
  • Blog Maintenance – weekly creation of articles on topics related to the niche of the specific business
  • Value for money

We at GetSEO always try to be unique and different! Trust us!

What to look for when choosing a copywriter?

The easiest way to form a basic opinion when choosing a copywriter is to browse various websites of digital agencies offering the service. In particular, it is good to pay attention to several important features:

  1. Quality content;
  2. Competently written texts;
  3. Interesting description of the products/services;
  4. Unique and captivating Blog articles containing the information you are interested in;

In conclusion, our advice is good communication between you and the copywriter you have chosen. When working as a team, the results are there!

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Our work process

Preparation of detailed information on the business sphere, as well as potential customers, based on statistical data.
A setting goal helps make it easier to achieve by following precise and clearly defined steps. The banner ad is the face of your business - it should be interesting, eye-catching and memorable.
Selection of the right descriptions and audience.
Preparation of a detailed report and analysis of the situation.


The cost of writing content for a site depends on the length of the text, in terms of several words. We send an individual offer for each of our clients, based on his requirements and the niche for which the text will be prepared.

A set of processes for building content for a website that helps to rank the business in the top positions of search engines.

  • Research
  • Keyword selection
  • Text optimization
  • Increase conversions

Of course! You can always check if the text is unique, with the help of specially created programs for this – completely free!